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About Hack for Sweden

Hack for Sweden (H4S) is a national hackathon, which is an innovation competition and a process, that promotes data driven innovation. The competition, which is held annually, generates solutions that have the greatest potential to be realized. Hack for Sweden creates a meeting arena for collaboration which enables focused and needs-driven innovation.

How Hack for Sweden works

Hack for Sweden is a national hackathon that consists of three main phases, planning phase, implementation phase and post-production phase.

The planning phase

The planning phase starts with DIGG – Agency for Digital Government, as project manager, invites public administration and public actors to be a part of the project group. When the project group is established the work with planning and setting the boundaries for the arrangement starts. It is important to include public actors that are experiencing a need that they want to find creative solutions to, so called need owners, as early as possible. Together with the project group, the need owner formulates a challenge for the competing teams in Hack for Sweden.

The implementation phase

At the start of the implementation phase the competing teams can register their interest. We recommend to put together teams that are cross-functional consisting of 4-6 persons with different competences. The reason for this is that the challenges are so complex that it can be difficult to compete with other competing teams. Not only is it to hack on a solution, but also working with usability, preparing the pitch, and compiling information for the jury group. That’s why we look at the contributions made by the competing teams as a whole from the concept to the technical solution.

The competition process

Hack for Sweden can consist of one or more competitions where every competition focuses on one challenge. The competitions are independent from each other and one winner is chosen per competition. The competition process consists of three elements; the competition, the intermediate period, and the final.

  • The competition – the competing teams work under 24 intense hours to generate ideas for a solution that meets the challenge. To their aid they have access to mentors that are experts in different competence areas. At the end of the competition the competing teams present their solution, in accordance with the NABC-model, in front of jury and audience. After which the jury chooses the three teams (finalists) that are through to the final.
  • In between the competition and the final there is the intermediate period, where the finalists have an opportunity to develop their solution. This time is usually spent to carry through surveys with the end users of the intended solution.
  • At the final hackathon the finalists refine their solution before they present their finished contribution to the jury and other interested parties before the winning team is chosen

The post-production phase

In this phase the competing teams that want to take their idea further need to be the driving force in realizing their solution. To their aid they have established contacts during the hackathon, contacts such as potential partners and need owners. With this process Hack for Sweden want to create the best conditions for the competing teams to create the best conditions for sustainable solutions to identified societal challenges and launch them on the market.

Hack for Sweden's main theme 2021

Everyone should be able to take part of the opportunities that come with digitalisation. We make constant progress in the development of the digital society which facilitates everyday life for many. But not for all. In the footsteps of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in the development of the national Digital COVID Certificate, examples of digital exclusion have emerged as a societal challenge.

The Digital COVID Certificate is an excellent example of how important it is to include as many people as possible in the digital society, which is the spark for the main theme for Hack for Sweden 2021. With the theme Digital inclusion Hack for Sweden will seek solutions that include more people in the Swedish digital society. The challenges, which are produced by the need’s owners, are inspired by the latest report “Svenskarna och Internet” that points out the following development areas within digital exclusion:

  • Older people use the internet to a lesser extent
  • People without a Swedish social security number can’t digitally identify themselves
  • People that don’t understand the Swedish language slip behind
  • Socio-economic factors affect the possibility to use the digitalization
  • Sparsely populated areas and Rural areas have less developed infrastructure than in the cities
  • People with function variation slip behind

Competition and final in October

Soon it’s time for this year’s edition of Hack for Sweden with four challenges that focuses on Digital inclusion. The first competition is about choosing finalists who go on to the finals where we award a winner.

  • The competition are held on 9th-10th of October
  • The final is held on the 23 th-24th of October

More information regarding the programme and times are revealed closer to the event.

Our co-organizers

A co-organizer is a public administration or public actor where their representative is included in the project group and takes operative decisions that affect the project. This year the project group is made up by:

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The project group 2021 consists of: DIGG in collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish eHealth Agency, the Swedish Agency for Participation, Skåne Region, Statistics Sweden, Public Housing Sweden, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Västra Götaland Region

The H4S Council

The H4S Council is an advisory body and is made up by the representatives from public administration and other public actors. They contribute with an external perspective to the project group. In 2021 the following organizations are a part of the H4S Council:

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The H4S Council 2021 consists of: {en:Föreningen Sambruk}, The Swedish Internet Foundation, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, Swedish Forest Agency, SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, The National Agency for Public Procurement and Vinnova

Need owners

Our need owners are public administrations or other public actors that experiences a need and want to use a hackathon as a method to find a solution for the need. Their involvment with Hack for Sweden begins early starting with formulating distinct challenges, be available during the hackathon and be involved in the post-work process to support the competing teams in the realization of their solution.

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The need owners 2021 consists of: the Swedish eHealth Agency, the Swedish environmental protection agency, Statistics Sweden, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the Swedish Forest Agency, SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Public Employment Service

This year's challenges

Every competition focuses on one challenge within the main theme Digital inclusion. The competitions are independent from each other and we appoint one winner per challenge. This year we have four challenges for the competing teams to register their participation. All competitions take place during the same weekend with different start times.

1. Covid certificate for everyone

The Swedish eHealth Authority is calling for new innovative digital solutions on how to offer all Swedish residents easy opportunities to get a covid certificate regardless of their life situation and personal circumstances. The Authority wants a comprehensive solution, but different types of obstacles may require different types of solutions. The goal is digital inclusion regardless of age, background, abilities or socio-economic conditions.

After the final, the Swedish eHealth Authority will continue the dialogue with the best contributions to try to use the solution in future work. The Swedish eHealth Authority works in close contact with the EU, which means opportunities to spread knowledge about the future solution outside the Swedish borders.

Specific criteria for challenge 1

Since it concerns health data, security and privacy aspects are particularly important. Solution proposals must comply with relevant legislation and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Patient Data Act. Solutions developed should be developed as open source and can be shared globally.

2. Landscape for all

One of agenda 2030's objectives is to reduce inequalities in economic conditions, but the follow-up to the target shows that inequality in this area is not decreasing. We want to see creative digital solutions on how National Soil Cover Data and open data can be used to include more people in access to recreation, outdoor recreation and nature experiences. Only your imagination sets the limits when you identify differences in inequality, especially for people who are in digital exclusion.

Through Hack for Sweden, the Project Agenda for the Landscape wants to get suggestions on how the challenge can be solved. After the final, the project wants to go ahead and develop prototypes for the winning proposals (1-3 pieces). This is done through a direct procurement of a maximum of SEK 200,000 per proposal to complete the protype and accounting will take place at the end of 2021.

Specific criteria for challenge 2

There are no specific criteria for participating in Hack for Sweden, but in order to participate in direct procurement, the work needs to be carried out through a company that has an F-tax card. The result presented shall include the use of National Earth cover data (existing product or test products).

3. Enhanced nature with AR

Today, it is mainly through physical signs that information about nature's values is made available in the real world, for example in botanical gardens, but digital formats can carry more information and be adapted to people with special needs.

AR can intriguingly visualize georeferenced data in one place. Swedish authorities have lots of such data and facts about nature's values, but would like more. Can technology help us with that and can we help each other find the values? Join us in experimenting with how AR can help us make data available, create engagement and collect new data about nature's values.

There is a great interest among authorities, academia, companies and municipalities in how digital solutions can contribute to sustainable social development. Through Hack for Sweden, the need owners want to get suggestions on how the challenge can be solved. Depending on the proposals, the Swedish Forest Agency, the National Forest Data Lab, the SLU Species Data Bank, SLU Movium Partnership, SLU Holding and the City of Helsingborg and others can support further development.

4. Democratic digitalisation

Digital channels and tools are today given prerequisites for Swedish authorities' operations and have in many ways contributed to increased efficiency and accessibility. At the same time, digital development requires knowledge and tools among users. This means that those who do not have the ability or supportive environmental factors cannot fully use the digital services of welfare.

Help us public actors to find ways to increase digital literacy and trust among vulnerable groups in society so that society's digital welfare services can be developed and used in a more democratic way.

Through Hack for Sweden, the project wants to get suggestions on how the challenge can be solved and by starting the project there are opportunities to turn ideas and sub-solutions into sharp positions. The project's evaluation design will also be able to provide feedback on the sustainability of the solutions, and hopefully translate ideas and sub-solutions from Hack for Sweden and that the author's name will be clearly communicated as part of the project communication.

Our jury members

Hack for Sweden’s jury memberd think that innovation is important and are inspired by solutions that makes society a little smarter and better. The jury members contributes with their expertise and impartiality for a good jury work in choosing finalists and winners in this year’s hackathon.

Click here to see this year's jury members.

Our mentors

In order to help the competing teams there will be a number of mentors ready to contribute with knowledge during the competitions and finals. Our mentors are experts in their field, and based on their experience, they give advice, guides, and act as a sounding board for the competing teams.

Click here to see this year's mentors.

Our partners

A H4S-partner is a private organization that wants to help the winners and other competing teams (the need owners) that wants to take their idea further after the completion of the hackathon. In the end of the finals our H4S-partners will be available to establish contact with the competing teams.

Click here to see this year's H4S-partners.


Here you can find frequently asked questions about Hack for Sweden.


No, our role is not to drive solutions further. If you already have a solution that you want to take further we recommend that you turn to an incubator business or a company adviser in your region. You are, however, welcome to register a competing team to develop new solutions based on the challenge in one of the competitions.

As an authority, we are an independent party and may not market specific parties. Thus, there is no opportunity to market yourself in connection with Hack for Sweden. There is however a way to make yourself visible on our website if you participate as a mentor, jury or as a H4S-partner.

We are not in a position to help organize hackathons. Subject to time, we are happy to help you share our experiences with previous hackathons. If you belong to an organization that is a public actor and is in need of generating a solution and see Hack for Sweden as a possible route, you can register your interest as a need owner to hackforsweden@digg.se

Open data is data and information anyone can download from the web and can use for anything without the need for fees. On Sweden's data portal (www.dataportal.se) you can find open data mainly from the public sector.

You are more than welcome to tell/inform about your participation in Hack for Sweden in different channels and contexts. Remember not to spread personal data by taking pictures from the event without you having collected consent from people you want to post pictures to.

We will carry out the hackathon in Swedish. Some information will also be available in English.